Online sic bo

A Closer Look at Online Sic Bo

The dice game of sic bo developed in ancient China, where it became so popular, that it stood the test of time and spread slowly around the world. Online sic bo uses HD graphics, ambient sound effects, and random number generators to simulate the game of chance played with three dice.

Depending on where they play, players should have the options of depositing and playing for real money, and playing for free, as well as downloading the game, or playing it in browser.

The basic gameplay requires players to bet on the totals produced by rolls of the dice. A range of betting options allows players to try different strategies.

Real Money and Free Online Sic Bo

Players need a casino account and an accepted method of payment to play online sic bo for real money. Once players have signed up, they can deposit money using their casino’s banking page, and their credit card, prepaid card, e-wallet, or other payment method.

Once the deposit has been processed, players would need to find a version of the game that appeals to them, and then launch it. Players can then set their betting requirements, if applicable, and start betting on rolls of the dice.

The game can also be played for free. One way would be to play demo versions of it, while another way would be to claim a no deposit bonus.

Instant and Download Online Sic Bo

Some online sic bo games are browser-based, so players are not given the option of downloading them. However, in most cases, players can choose to play in browser, or to download software and then play.

A computer with an active internet connection is needed to play the instant, no download versions of the game in browser. One of the benefits of this method is that players would not be limited to only one computer.

Casino game software is usually offered for free, and downloading it doesn’t require more than an active internet connection and selecting the download software option.

Whichever playing method players choose, they should be able to access banking and player support services.

Online Sic Bo Gameplay

Once players have launched their chosen online sic bo game and have confirmed the value of their coins, they can choose from a selection of bet types.

The goal is to correctly guess the total produced by rolls of three dice. Players could bet on a single number, and on specific doubles, as well as on specific triples, total values, odd or even, and three or four.

Other betting options include big bets that the total will fall between 11 and 17, small bets that the total will fall between four and 10, two of a kind bets that a certain number will appear on two of the dice, and three of a kind bets that a certain number will appear on all three dice.

Tips for Playing Online Sic Bo

No tips or strategies could possible guarantee wins in online sic bo. However, that does not mean that there aren’t any tips or strategies for playing the game.

Players should bear in mind that placing several bets on one roll of the three dice could improve payouts, as could betting on a single number. For better odds, though, players turn to big and small bets that cover a range of numbers.